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Server-side Programming Overview

The RadNotification offers several directions in which you can modify its behavior:

  • Use the Position, OffetX, OffsetY properties to control the position in which the notification is shown.
  • Use the Width and Height properties to control the size of the notification. Since Q3 2011 this can take percents as well as pixels
  • Use the Animation, AnimationDuration properties to control the way in which the notification is initially shown.
  • Use the ContentScrolling property to customize the availability of scrollbars. Possible values are Auto, None X, Y and Both. This requires the content to have explicit dimensions set in pixels to work correctly.
  • Use the ShowCloseButton, ShowTitleMenu, VisibleTitlebar, TitleIcon properties to control the behavior of the titlebar.
  • Use the AutoCloseDelay, KeepOnMouseOver, ShowInterval properties to control the time, after which the notification will automatically show/hide.
  • Use the LoadContentOn, UpdateInterval, ShowInterval properties to control when new content is loaded. When UpdateInterval is set to 0 updates will not be performed when LoadContentOn is set to TimeInterval.
  • Use the Text, Title, ContentIcon, WebMethodName, WebMethodpath, OnCallbackUpdate properties to control how the content is loaded.
  • You can declare a custom menu between the NotificationMenu tags.
  • You can change the overall look and feel of the notification by changing its skin via the Skin, EnableShadow, EnableRoundedCorners propertes.
  • You can define a custom HTTP handler that servers the sound through the AudioHandlerUrl property.

In order to disable automatic updates set LoadContentOn to PageLoad , UpdateInterval to 0 and add content either through the Text property or in the ContentTemplate .

In order to disable the timer that shows the control over certain intervals set the ShowInterval property to 0 . This allows you to have animations and to keep the notification visible for extended periods of time (i.e. unless the user clicks the close button or you hide it with JavaScript) without a flickering effect caused by re-showing of the animated control upon expiration of the ShowInverval timer. Setting AutoCloseDelay to 0 will also disable the automatic hiding of the control so you can keep it on the page indefinitely.

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