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Column Settings

The following article outlines the settings that are available for the columns in RadGrid when RenderMode is set to Mobile.

Accessing Column settings

The column settings are accessed by tapping the settings icon.

Image 1: Opening column settings view adaptive grid Column Settings-1

When you tap on the settings icon in a column header, you will see the settings for the corresponding column. You can sort, group, add filter, show/hide or rearrange columns.

Image 2: Settings available for the column adaptive grid Column Settings-2


You can access the filter settings by tapping the Filter option

Image 3: Filer settings adaptive grid Column Settings-3

Column display

When you tap on the Columns setting you open the Column Display options.

Image 4: Opening Column Display adaptive grid Column Settings-4

The Column Display options enable you to show, hide or rearrange the columns.

Image 5: Column Display Options adaptive grid Column Settings-5

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