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Since R2 2016 release of the Telerik.Web.UI for ASP .NET AJAX the RadGrid control provides a new built in print feature for lightweight and mobile render modes. By using the print functionality, a PDF document is generated and sent to the browser for printing, which allows the control to preserve its appearance (including built-in skins and custom styles). You can add the built in print button by setting the ShowPrintButton property to "true" under CommandItemSettings, which will render it in the command item.

Print Button

In case the PrintButton is hidden you can still use the client print functionality by call the public print() method for the RadGrid control


The browser’s popups should be enabled to have the print functionality work. As browsers evolve, some of them may not allow printing and will only show the PDF copy of the grid (Firefox) and others will block this entirely (Chrome 60+).

In order for the output to be precise, and for Unicode support (e.g., some accent symbols or other diacritical marks), you must declare appropriate fonts explicitly as explained in the Exporting Special Characters article for RadClientExportManager whose underlying Kendo infrastructure is used.

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