WebForms DateInput Overview

RadDateInput is a free-form date and time editing control. It shares the common properties of all RadInput controls, including support for skins, styles for different states, empty message support, conditional postback on text change, flexible caret and button positioning, labels, and so on.

RadDateInput assists the user in date and time entry by accepting various date and time formats and tries to recognize them and convert them into valid dates. If the entry is successfully recognized, it is formatted according to the current DateFormat and DisplayDateFormat property settings and displayed to the user. Erroneous output is signalled to the user by keeping the original text and applying a different, "error" CSS style.

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Specifying the date format

RadDateInput uses standard ASP.NET date format strings to format its value. These are described in Formatting Dates. The date input control uses two different format strings:

  • The DateFormat property is the format string for the value of the date input control when it has focus (when the user is editing the date).

  • The DisplayDateFormat property is the format string for the value of the date input control when it does not have focus. If DisplayDateFormat is not set, the control uses the value of DateFormat.

You can set the DateFormat and DisplayDateFormat properties by typing an ASP.NET format string directly into the properties pane, or you can use the RadDateInput Smart Tag to launch the Date Format Dialog for more assistance. The Date Format Dialog lets you choose from pre-defined date/time format strings or view a preview of the effects of a custom format string.

Two other properties influence the way the date format strings are applied:

  • The Culture property determines the value of culture-dependent symbols in the date format string, such as the names of the days of the week.

  • The ShortYearCenturyEnd property determines how year values are mapped to two-digit representations. When you set the ShortYearCenturyEnd property, the value of the ShortYearCenturyStart property is automatically set to a value that is 99 years less. Dates with years falling between ShortYearCenturyStart and ShortYearCenturyEnd (inclusive) can be displayed using the last two digits of the year portion. Dates that fall outside that range generate an error.

Parsing input

The user does not need to conform to the format that is the value of the DateFormat property when entering values. The RadDateInput control tries to parse any input according to the value of the Culture property and the ShortYearCenturyEnd property (as needed). For details on how RadDateInput parses user input, see Parsing Dates.

Increment controls

In addition to typing numbers directly into the date input control, you can also let users increment or decrement the current value using the arrow keys or mouse wheel. The IncrementSettings property controls how the date input control changes its value in response to the arrow keys or mouse wheel. IncrementSettings is a composite property with the following sub-properties:

  • InterceptArrowKeys: When InterceptArrowKeys is True, the user can use the arrow keys to change the value.See Keyboard Support for details.

  • InterceptMouseWheel: When InterceptMouseWheel is True, the user can use the mouse wheel to change the value. See Mouse Wheel Support for details.

  • Step: Step specifies the magnitude by which the value changes with each click of an arrow key or movement of the mouse wheel.

Limiting the range

Use the MaxDate and MinDate properties to specify a range for the date input control. If the user tries to enter a value that is greater than the value of the MaxDate property or less than the MinDate property, the date input control signals the user that there is a problem by applying the "error" CSS style and does not update its value.

Date input value

RadDateInput uses the SelectedDate property to represent its value.

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