Welcome to the official documentation of Telerik UI for Android

What is Telerik UI for Android

Telerik UI for Android is a library of native UI components built from the ground-up to deliver fast loading, excellent drawing capabilities, pixel-perfectness and sleek interactivity on any device and screen-size running Android. The product bridges missing controls and functionalities in the Android native offering including charts, calendar, list and more.

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Getting Started

You can use Telerik UI for Android in AndroidStudio and Eclipse and Telerik UI for Xamarin.Android in Xamarin Studio. Here are articles that demonstrate how to start using the controls in each IDE and how to run the Examples solution:


Telerik Examples is a free application that demonstrates how Telerik UI for Android can be used in various scenarios. The application is available for download directly from Google Play or through the QR code below.

Telerik Examples

You can find the source code of this application on GitHub as well as another demonstration app in Java and in C#.

Controls Overview

Telerik UI for Android contains components designed for the mobile environment. They offer great performance in loading time, drawing capabilities and real-time updates. The intuitive object model and public API allow you to easily setup complex objects and integrate them into your applications.