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Capture input keyboard events


Product TextBox for Blazor, NumericTextBox for Blazor, other inputs/form elements such as the Editor


I would know how to discriminate between lost focus and enter key press in OnChange event. Also, is there a way to mange other events such as OnKeyDown, OnKeyPress, OnInput, etc.


The keyboard events bubble up the DOM, so you can attach event handlers for them on an element above the Telerik input.

If you are looking for an event when the user confirms an action, consider the built-in OnChange event which fires when the user presses Enter or blurs the input.

Handle keyboard events in Telerik inputs

@* Add a keyboard event handler on the parent element to capture the events *@

<span @onkeypress="@KeyHandlerTb" @onkeydown="@KeyHandlerTb">
    <TelerikTextBox @bind-Value="@TbValue"></TelerikTextBox>

<span @onkeypress="@KeyHandlerNtb" @onkeydown="@KeyHandlerNtb">
    <TelerikNumericTextBox @bind-Value="@NtbValue"></TelerikNumericTextBox>

<br />

    MarkupString logger { get; set; }
    string TbValue { get; set; } = "lorem ipsum";
    int NtbValue { get; set; } = 123;

    void LogEvent(string evt)
        logger = new MarkupString($"{logger}{evt} on {DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()}<br />");

    void KeyHandlerTb(KeyboardEventArgs e)
        string evtInfo = $"Textbox: {e.Type}, key: {e.Key}";

    void KeyHandlerNtb(KeyboardEventArgs e)
        string evtInfo = $"Numeric: {e.Type}, key: {e.Key}";


The same approach can work for capturing events from the Editor component when it is in its Div mode.

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