Textbox Overview

The Textbox component allows the user to enter a generic plain text message. You can also add a label or class.

To use a Telerik Textbox for Blazor, add the TelerikTextBox tag.

Basic textbox with value binding, namespace and reference

<br />

<TelerikTextBox @bind-Value="theTbValue" Label="Enter Information" @ref="theTextBoxRef"></TelerikTextBox>

@code {
    string theTbValue { get; set; } = "lorem ipsum";

    Telerik.Blazor.Components.TelerikTextBox theTextBoxRef;

The textbox provides the following features:

  • Class - the CSS class that will be rendered on the input element.
  • Enabled - whether the input is enabled.
  • Id - renders as the id attribute on the <input /> element, so you can attach a <label for=""> to the input.
  • Label - the label element rendered next to the input to provide the user with information on its purpose.
  • Value - get/set the value of the input, can be used for binding.
  • Width - the width of the input. See the Dimensions article.
  • Validation - see the Input Validation article.

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