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Editor Div Edit Mode

The Div edit mode uses a <div> element for the editable area of the Editor.

This has the following implications:

  • CSS rules from the current page apply to the content as well.

    • This includes rules that would match elements and classes you have in the content, so the content looks like the current page.
    • Such behavior can be useful when the final styles for the content will be similar/identical to the current page hosting the editor.
    • You can cascade classes that will affect only the editor content but not the rest of the page through the .k-editor-content class - this is the wrapper of the editor content area.
  • The Editor cannot add specific styling for elements in the editable area, as they would be elements selectors (such as table {border: 1px solid black}) which can impact negatively the hosting page.

To use this mode, set the EditMode parameter of the editor to EditorEditMode.Div explicitly:

Use the Div edit mode

<TelerikEditor EditMode="@EditorEditMode.Div"></TelerikEditor>

The example below shows how you can customize the appearance of elements in the editor. It showcases the following:

  • an element selector from the page affects the editor (e.g., the p selector in the sample)
  • if your content has predefined classes, attribute and other features that can be used in CSS selectors, you can target them too (e.g., the selector)
  • how to make the editor adjust its height based on the content height - see the Height="auto" parameter
  • how to cascade rules so that they only affect the editor content and not the main page (see the .k-editor-content cascade)
  • how to style the content area element itself

Customize the content area appearance in Div mode

@using Telerik.Blazor.Components.Editor

@* The "auto" height makes the browser expand the editor according to its contents *@

<TelerikEditor EditMode="@EditorEditMode.Div" Height="auto"
               Width="740px" Tools="@EditorToolSets.All" @bind-Value="@TheEditorContent">

    /* style generic elements */
    p {
        background-color: #affffa;
        margin: 2em;

    /* style tables - e.g., to add borders so the user can see them.
    The editor adds the .k-table class to tables
    This will style only the content area itself and not the main page because of the .k-editor-content selector
    .k-editor-content .k-table {
        border: 2px dashed #808080;
    .k-editor-content  .k-table td {
        border: 1px solid #808080;

    /* style an element in the content that already has a certain class */ {
        color: red;

    /* style only the content area itself and not its contents */
    .k-editor-content .k-content{
        background: pink;

@code {
    string TheEditorContent { get; set; } = @"<h1 class=""my-heading"">Lorem ipsum</h1>
        <p>Dolor sit amet.</p>
            <th>Col 1</th>
            <th>Col 2</th>
            <td>Cell 1 1</td>
            <td>Cell 1 2</td>
            <td>Cell 2 1</td>
            <td>Cell 2 2</td>
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