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Upgrading Projects

This article demonstrates how to use the Telerik Visual Studio Extension to upgrade a project that is pre-configured for the Progress® Telerik® UI for Blazor components.


The Upgrade Project Wizard upgrades the version of existing Telerik UI for Blazor applications. To open the wizard, right-click on the Project in the Solution Explorer -> Telerik UI for Blazor -> Upgrade Wizard.

Open Upgrade Wizard

Files for Upgrade

The Upgrade Information step of the Upgrade Project Wizard describes the files and assemblies that will be upgraded.

Upgrade Wizard Information Page

The Telerik Blazor Upgrade Wizard will do the following:

  • Update the version of the referenced Blazor NuGet package. It will also update the package source in the solution-based NuGet config file.
  • It will update the version of the theme references (If CDN is used, it will be also updated).
  • It will update all local script and style and NuGet package references in case client upgrades from Trial to Dev version.
  • It will add the new keys in the default (English) localization file.

Projects for Upgrade

The next page of the Upgrade Wizard lists all projects from the solution that use Telerik UI for Blazor. Choose the projects that you want to upgrade and the version to which they will be upgraded.

We recommend selecting all projects that reference UI for Blazor and upgrading them to the same product version.

Upgrade Wizard Projects Selection

Upgrade Localization File

If localization is enabled in the application, you can select the Upgrade the localization file option. The Upgrade Wizard will add new localization keys from the default (English) localization file that UI for Blazor distributes.

The option is selected by default if there is a Resources\TelerikMessages.resx file in the current project. In this case, Resources\TelerikMessages.resx file is selected in the file browser.

Upgrade Wizard Localization File

Create Backup

You can create a backup before running the upgrade wizard by selecting the Create a backup before upgrading option.

When the project and solution are placed in the same directory, the default backup location is set to the %USERPROFILE%\Documents folder.

Upgrade Wizard Backup

Upgrade Log

In case one of the options (Create a backup before upgrading or Upgrade the localization file) is selected, an Upgrade Log will be opened in your default browser at the end of the upgrade. The log can show the backup location, an entry for each localization key added or a localization upgrade error. Each upgrade log file is in HTML format. The file name contains the date and time of the upgrade.

Upgrade Wizard Log


The following common problems might occur when upgrading a project:

Missing Localization file

If the selected localization file in the pointed directory is missing or read-only, the page state is not valid. In this case, the Finish button will display a tooltip when clicked, indicating a page error.

Upgrade Wizard Localization File

Finish Button is Disabled

If Create a backup before upgrading option is selected, and the Backup location is empty, the Finish button is disabled.

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