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The Progress® Telerik® UI for Blazor Visual Studio (VS) extensions enable you to keep your projects updated.

Clicking the Get Latest button on the New Project Wizard starts the Latest Version Acquirer tool which prompts for your Telerik credentials on its first page. If you do not have a account, you can create one through the Create an account for free link.

  1. Log in with your Telerik credentials

    To avoid having to enter your Telerik credentials multiple times, use the Save my password checkbox. The persistence is securely done and the credentials are saved in a per-user context. Other users on the machine do not have access to your stored credentials.

    First, log in

    You can go to the release notes of Telerik UI for Blazor to get information on the latest available versions and what they bring.

  2. In the dialog that appears, click the Download button and follow the next steps.

    Confirming the download of the latest version dialog

  3. To access the latest version of Telerik UI for Blazor that you just downloaded go to New Project Wizard.

    The Download and Get Latest buttons of the New Project Wizard launch the Latest Version Acquirer tool. If you are coming from them, you will be returned to that context, so you can choose the newer version now.

    The new version is now available in the New Project wizard

The Latest Version Acquirer tool downloads a .zip file which contains the latest Telerik UI for Blazor packages. It is saved in the %APPDATA%\Telerik\Updates folder by default. If you find the list of the offered packages too long and you do not need the older versions, close VS and use the Windows Explorer to delete these distributions.

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