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Gantt Dependencies

The Telerik Gantt for Blazor allows you define dependencies, which are rendered in the Timeline section of the component. A dependency represents a relation between two tasks. The direction of the arrow indicates which task is dependent on the other. You can bind a data collection, define different types of dependencies, and allow your users to edit the dependencies.

To define dependencies in your Gantt Chart

  • Add the GanttDependenciesSettings tag, child tag of the <TelerikGantt>
  • Inside the GanttDependenciesSettings add the <GanttDependencies> and provide a data collection to the Data parameter.

Gantt Dependencies Features:

  • Data Binding - Allows you to provide a collection of dependencies to the Gantt Chart for Blazor. For more information read the Data Binding article.
  • TypeField - Defines the dependency type. For more information read the Types article.
  • Editing - Allow the user to edit the dependencies. For more information read the Editing article.
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