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Removing the Trial Version Message


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I switched from a Trial to Commercial license, but I still see the Trial message.


There are several common reasons for the observed behavior:

  • The build is not updated.

    Try clearing the build folders and then building the project/solution once again. If the application has been compiled with the trial version and not recompiled with the commercial version, the trial message might still be displayed.

  • A reference to the trial package has remained in the .csproj file.

    Inspect the .csproj file of the application and make sure that it doesn't contain a reference to the trial version of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core package:

        <PackageReference Include="Telerik.UI.for.AspNet.Core.Trial" Version="2021.3.914" />
  • A reference to the Trial package has been pushed to source control.

    In case you have configured any build/release pipelines while testing the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Trial package, it is possible that a reference to the component library has been pushed to source control and is being used for rebuilding the project.

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