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AllDay - String

AriaEventLabel - String

AriaSlotLabel - String

Cancel - String

Date - String

DeleteWindowTitle - String

Destroy - String

Event - String

DefaultRowText - String

Next - String

NoData - String

Pdf - String

Previous - String

Refresh - String

ResetSeries - String

Save - String

SelectView - String

ShowFullDay - String

ShowWorkDay - String

Time - String

Today - String

Editable - SchedulerMessagesEditableSettings

The text similar to "Are you sure you want to delete this event?" displayed in scheduler.

Editor - SchedulerMessagesEditorSettings

The text similar to "All day event" displayed in the scheduler event editor.

RecurrenceEditor - SchedulerMessagesRecurrenceEditorSettings

Applicable in Scheduler Adaptive rendering scenario. The text for the cancel button on the scheduler recurrence editor header.

RecurrenceMessages - SchedulerMessagesRecurrenceMessagesSettings

The text similar to "Do you want to delete only this event occurrence or the whole series?" displayed in the scheduler event editor.

Search - String

Views - SchedulerMessagesViewsSettings

The text similar to "Day" displayed as scheduler "day" view title.

Scheduler - Scheduler

The template used to render the "all day" scheduler events.The fields which can be used in the template are: description String - the event description; end Date - the event end date; isAllDay Boolean - if true the event is "all day"; resources Array - the event resources; start Date - the event start date or title String - the event title.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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