Create Coded Step

Test Studio supports coded steps. This allows you to write code and have it executed as a test step. Use a coded step for a scenario that requires more complexity than what can be composed with the Verification Builder or by actions from the Elements Menu.

There are two methods of creating a code behind file for your test.

1.  Add a Script Step from the Add ribbon menu.

Script Step

This creates a code-behind file with an empty test method.

2.  Right click on a step and select Customize Step in Code from the Test Step Context Menu.

This creates a code-behind file with the selected step converted into a coded method matching the selected step name.

A step with generated code is read-only in the Steps tab. The description can only be changed in the method's CodedStep attribute that appears in the code behind file. Once a step is converted to code, it cannot be converted back to a regular step.

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