Create Coded Step

Test Studio supports coded steps. This allows you to write code and have it executed as a test step. Use a coded step for a scenario that requires more complexity than what can be composed with the Verification Builder or by actions from the Elements Menu.

Version 2015 R1

As of version 2015 R1 you can find the custom steps in the Step Builder under General section.

Script Step 2015

Version 2014 R4 and earlier

There are two methods of creating a code behind file for your test.

1.  Add a Script Step from the Add ribbon menu.

Script Step

This creates a code-behind file with an empty test method.

2.  Right click on a step and select Customize Step in Code from the Test Step Context Menu.

This creates a code-behind file with the selected step converted into a coded method matching the selected step name.

A step with generated code is read-only in the Steps tab. The description can only be changed in the method's CodedStep attribute that appears in the code behind file. Once a step is converted to code, it cannot be converted back to a regular step.

Standalone version
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VS plugin