Drop The Storage Database

It may happen that the storage database gets corrupted and cannot be updated with the latest changes of your test lists. This can lead in execution of outdated test lists or even inability to execute a test list.

In this situation you should drop the storage database so Test Studio can create a new one. This will ensure fresh storage and in case there are any corrupted entries the tests and test lists will be newly uploaded to the storage.

Dropping the storage database will lead in loss of the schedule test list results. If the already existing results need to be stored you could drop only the tests and test list collections.

1.  Install Robomongo which is the official tool for maintaining the MongoDB databases from here.

2.  Create a connection to the storage database and connect to it.

Create connection

3.1.  Drop the entire database (if you don't want to lose the already existing results continue to step 3.2). Right click on TSStorageData and select drop Drop Database

Drop the entire database

3.2. If you don't want to loose your schedule results you may drop only tests and testlists collections.

Drop the collections

With the next schedule execution the test lists will be newly uploaded to the storage database.

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