Create a Silverlight Out-of-Browser Test (Standalone)

Important Notes:

  • If you are testing a Silverlight In-Browser web application, we recommend treating it as a standard Web Test with no additional configuration.

  • See here for what constitutes Out-of-Browser.

  • Once a Silverlight Out-of-Browser application is configured for recording, Test Studio modifies its shortcut to point directly to the application's location on disk. This replaces the Microsoft "offline://" notation. The side effect of this is that your application will not detect that it is running in Out-of-Browser mode and code must be written in the application to work around this limitation.

  • Test Studio does not support the Web Browser control in Silverlight Out-of-Browser applications.

  1. Add a Web Test to your test project.

  2. Click the Out-Of-Browser icon in the Silverlight ribbon.

    OOB button

  3. Check the Configure this test to run against a Silverlight application box in Out-Of-Browser options.

  4. Browse for the Local Application Directory or drag and drop a link to your Silverlight application.
  5. Select Silverlight Out-of-Browser under Recording Host.

    Recording host

  6. Click Record to launch the out-of-browser app with the recording toolbar docked at the top.

  7. Notice that steps are added to the test as actions are taken within the application.