Data Driving

If you need each virtual user to be unique when communicating with your web application, use the data driven load testing feature. With a data driven load test, you can bind a dynamic target to a specific column from an external data source (for example, an Excel spreadsheet or a SQL database).

1.  Add an external data source to the project.

2.  Bind the Load Test to that data source.

3.  Open the specific user profile that will use the data.

4.  Locate the specific HTTP transaction (like an HTTP POST request) that will use the data. Click on the transaction.

Edit User Profile

A key-value pair appears for each dynamic target.

5.  Click the drop-down for the dynamic target you want to data-drive. A list appears containing the available columns in the data source.

6.  Click the drop-down item for the correct data source column.

Edit User Profile 2

7.  Click Save.

When your load test runs, each virtual user will use a different row from the data source. After using each row, the load test will start over again with the first row and repeat for the duration of the load test.

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