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Translators Project Settings

The built-in translators are extensions that open up an element to work with Test Studio and thus allow interaction with the Elements Menu exposing a rich set of verification tasks.

This section of the Project Settings allows you to adjust the version of the Telerik and Kendo UI components used to build the application under test and lets Test Studio apply the matching translators. From this menu you can review and disable/enable the components for which a translator is available.

Translators Project Settings

Select the Version of the Telerik Components under Test

The Telerik Components Under Test section lets you instruct the translators' version to match the version of the UI components in the tested page for this project. This setting applies to both the recording and quick execution flows and allows you to smoothly create tests and run these for various applications. The same setting is exposed in the test list settings and can be set individually per test list.

Telerik Components Under Test Version

How to Know Which is the Version of Components Used in the Tested Page?

As Quality Assurance Engineer you often don't know what type and version of UI components was used to create the application you need to automate. And since there is no convenient way to identify the version of the components in an already built and deployed application, the most reliable approach is to contact the development team and discuss the topic internally.

Test Studio Mapping to UI Components Versions

In the below grid you can find the versions of the supported UI components matching the translators versions from the list.

Telerik UI for Blazor
R32021 2.27.0
R12022 3.0.0
R12022SP1 3.1.0

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX
R32021 2021.3.914
R12022 2022.1.119
R12022SP1 2022.1.302

Kendo UI for jQuery
R32021 2021.3.914
R12022 2022.1.119
R12022SP1 2022.1.301

Kendo UI for Angular
R32021 Click to expand the list of translators
Translator Name Component Name Component Version
KendoAngularAutoComplete kendo-angular-dropdowns 5.4.0
KendoAngularButton kendo-angular-buttons 6.3.0
KendoAngularComboBox kendo-angular-dropdowns 5.4.0
KendoAngularDialog kendo-angular-dialog 5.1.1
KendoAngularDropdownList kendo-angular-dropdowns 5.4.0
KendoAngularGrid kendo-angular-grid 5.4.0
KendoAngularInputs kendo-angular-inputs 7.4.0
KendoAngularPager kendo-angular-pager 6.3.0
KendoAngularPanelBar kendo-angular-layout 6.3.0
KendoAngularSwitch kendo-angular-inputs 7.4.0
KendoAngularTabStrip kendo-angular-layout 6.3.0
KendoAngularWindow kendo-angular-dialog 5.1.1
R12022 Click to expand the list of translators
Translator Name Component Name Component Version
KendoAngularAutoComplete kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.0
KendoAngularButton kendo-angular-buttons 7.0.0
KendoAngularComboBox kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.0
KendoAngularDialog kendo-angular-dialog 6.0.0
KendoAngularDropdownList kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.0
KendoAngularGrid kendo-angular-grid 6.0.0
KendoAngularInputs kendo-angular-inputs 8.0.0
KendoAngularPanelBar kendo-angular-layout 6.4.0
KendoAngularSwitch kendo-angular-inputs 8.0.0
KendoAngularTabStrip kendo-angular-layout 6.4.0
KendoAngularWindow kendo-angular-dialog 6.0.0
R12022SP1 Click to expand the list of translators
Translator Name Component Name Component Version
KendoAngularAutoComplete kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.1
KendoAngularButton kendo-angular-buttons 7.0.3
KendoAngularComboBox kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.1
KendoAngularDialog kendo-angular-dialog 6.0.2
KendoAngularDropdownList kendo-angular-dropdowns 6.0.1
KendoAngularGrid kendo-angular-grid 6.1.0
KendoAngularInputs kendo-angular-inputs 8.0.7
KendoAngularPanelBar kendo-angular-layout 6.5.1
KendoAngularSwitch kendo-angular-inputs 8.0.7
KendoAngularTabStrip kendo-angular-layout 6.5.1
KendoAngularWindow kendo-angular-dialog 6.0.2

Available Translators

The Available Translators section lists all built-in translators that are currently available in Test Studio. All translators are enabled by default, which is the recommended setup. Each of the built-in translators can be disabled and not used while recording and executing tests, but we strongly advise you to contact the Test Studio Support Team prior to applying changes to the enabled translators.

Available Translators

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