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Azure Results Sync

Telerik.TestStudio.AzureResultsSync.exe is a CLI tool that converts Test Studio test results to Azure DevOps test results and uploads these as a new Azure DevOps run.

How to Use the Tool

  1. Run a Test Studio test list and specify where to output the results.

  2. Use command prompt to run Telerik.TestStudio.AzureResultsSync.exe.

    • Use url parameter to specify the Azure DevOps organization. For example:
    • Use map parameter to specify the absolute path to the mapping file generated from the mapper tool.
    • Use aiiresult parameter to specify the absolute path to the Test Studio test list results file.
    • Use token parameter to specify your personal access token (PAT). Note: If token param is missing the tool tries to read the value from TSAzureToken environment variable.

Local Machine Example

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\AzureResultsMapper\Telerik.TestStudio.AzureResultsSync.exe" url= token=<MY-TOKEN> map="<PATH-MAPPING-FILE>" aiiresult="<PATH-MAPPING-FILE>"

Azure DevOps Example

In the scenario of building a CI pipeline the test list run needs to be set through the Test Studio CLI runner ArtOfTest.Runner.exe with specifying where to output the result. Check here how to implement the test list execution in Azure DevOps pipeline. Next comess the call to the mapper tool which defines where the results to be uploaded.

Below is an example pipeline with only these two jobs:

  - job: Run and Upload Results
      - task: CmdLine@2
        displayName: Run Test Studio tests
        continueOnError: true
          script: |
             "c:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\ArtOfTest.Runner.exe" list="$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\TestingProjects\HTMLProject\MapperPipeline\TestLists\mixed list.aiilist" result=myResult

      - task: CmdLine@2
        displayName: Upload results
        condition: always()
          TSAzureToken: $(System.AccessToken)
          script: |
            "c:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\AzureResultsMapper\Telerik.TestStudio.AzureResultsSync.exe" url= map=$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\TestingProjects\HTMLProject\MapperPipeline\AzDoMap.tsazdo aiiresult=$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\TestingProjects\HTMLProject\MapperPipeline\Results\myResult.aiiresult

  • The 'Run Test Studio tests' task executes a test list with the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe and stores the results in file named myResult.aiiresult.
  • The 'Upload results' task converts the Test Studio results from myResult.aiiresult file and uploads them as new Azure DevOps run.
  • The 'Upload results' task is configured to be executed always - "condition: always()". This way, even if the test execution from the previous step fails, the results get uploaded.
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