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Connect Project To Git

Connect Git project in the terms of Test Studio is to be applied when you should share an existing local project for first time to an empty remote repository. This option will sync the tracking of master branch and will push all changes to the remote repo. Connect could be also used if a project's source control binding was removed to connect it to its corresponding remote repository. However if there are changes made in between and some files are conflicting you might need to manually merge the conflicting project files.

Connect To Remote Repository

1.  Open a project in Test Studio Standalone version.

2.  On the Project tab, click the Connect button in the Source Control ribbon.


3.  The Connect to Source Control dialog appears. Select Git, fill in the appropriate information click Connect and OK. Two-factor authentication is supported using only a personal access token. Account password will not work.

You can choose between local and remote repository. For the local repository the local project path is set by default.

An empty remote repository should have already been created as described in the Overview page. A Test Studio project is mapped to a single remote repository.

Connect to Git


If you are not able to connect to the Git system and get a message Error connecting to Git, too many redirects or authentication replays, check if the remote repository requires 2FA to be accessed. Generate a personal access token in your Git account for this repository and use that token instead of the account password.

4.  The project and project files are now marked with a PLus icon. This indicates it is bound to Source Control.


5.  The Output panel includes Source Control tab where furhter useful info could be found while using the source control features.

Connect To Local Repository

1.  Open a project in Test Studio, click the Connect button in the Source Control ribbon. Select Git, choose Local and fill in the appropriate information click Connect and OK. Working directory will be set automatically to the local project path.

Connect to Git Local Project

Connect Local Git Enabled Project To An Empty Remote Repository

A local Git project could be also connected to a remote repository at any time. It is recommended to use an empty repository to avoid conflicts. If you decide otherwise all possible conflicts should be resolved manually.

1.  Open the local Git project and remove the Source Control Binding.

Connect to Git Local Project

2.  Once the bidning is removed follow the above described steps to connect a project to a remote repository.

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