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In-Product Guides

Test Studio comes with in-product guides for some areas in the project window to help in getting familiar with the product capabilities.

The areas for which a guide is available have the Rocket icon in the ribbon. You only need to click the icon to launch the provided in-product guide.

In-product guides Rocket Icon

Where to Find the Rocket Icon

Guides are available for Elements and Tests panes. The Rocket icon appears in the upper ribbon, which is active for an opened test or when you modify an element's find expression or image.

Tests Ribbon Web testTests Ribbon Guide

Element RibbonElements Ribbon Guide

Tests Ribbon Load TestTests Ribbon Guide for Load Test

The Rocket icon is also available in the Project Explorer and Element Explorer.

Element and Project Explorer

Using the Guides

Starting any of the guides will gray out the selected area in Test Studio and will go through all available buttons providing additional information for their purpose.

Guide through the Available Buttons

You can navigate forwards and backwards through the buttons in the popup message or stop the help guide at any time.

Navigate Forwards and Backwards

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