Command Line Interface - Overview

Test Studio for APIs provides a Command Line Interface application (Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe) that you can use to directly execute an existing test project without using the application's user interface.

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The Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe is installed in your Test Studio installation directory. According to the Test Studio edition that you have, the default location is:

  • Test Studio for APIs standalone Installer: C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio for APIs\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole
  • TestStudio Ultimate: C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole

When working with the execution engine in the command prompt, make sure you are always running as Administrator to avoid issues related to lack of permissions to read/write the project and results files.

To execute the Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe from command prompt you should do either:

  • Have the root directory in context so that you can call the runner directly - e.g.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Test Studio for APIs\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole>Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe

  • Run from another location but specify the full path to the executable - e.g.:

C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Test Studio for APIs\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole\Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe"

  • Finally, you can add the path to the Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe in your system PATH environment variable (Windows Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Advanced system settings >> Environment Variables >> System variables) so that you can execute directly from any location - e.g.:


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