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How to export data to multiple Excel worksheets


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Product Version 12.0 18.227


We issued this article before introducing the SplitWorksheetOnPageBreak Excel device info setting, allowing the splitting of the resulting document into sheets based on the applied soft page breaks. See:

You can still apply the approach described in the current article if it better suits your scenario.


Telerik Reporting Excel rendering extension exports a report into a single worksheet in the Excel workbook. How to export report content to multiple worksheets.


To export the data into multiple worksheets, add several reports to a ReportBook. Each report in a ReportBook will occupy a separate worksheet in the Excel workbook.

ReportBook can be created programmatically or using Standalone report designer.

ReportBook support for Standalone designer was added in the R1 2017 release. To start creating ReportBook, select File | New from the designer menu and choose a ReportBook report template.

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