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Get Available Document Formats

Public interface for retrieving available document formats.


GET /api/reports/formats


HTTP Status Code Description
200 OK Available document formats retrieved successfully

Response Body

An array containing FormatInfo objects, which represent the available document formats for reports.


  • Request

    GET /api/reports/formats HTTP/1.1
  • Response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        {"name":"PDF","localizedName":"Acrobat (PDF) file"},
        {"name":"CSV","localizedName":"CSV (comma delimited)"},
        {"name":"XLS","localizedName":"Excel 97-2003"},
        {"name":"XLSX","localizedName":"Excel Worksheet"},
        {"name":"PPTX","localizedName":"PowerPoint Presentation"},
        {"name":"RTF","localizedName":"Rich Text Format"},
        {"name":"IMAGE","localizedName":"TIFF file"},
        {"name":"DOCX","localizedName":"Word Document"},
        {"name":"XPS","localizedName":"XPS Document"}
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