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Expressions as Values of Item Properties

By default the report items’ properties are strongly typed. Anyway you can use expressions as value for some of them. To specify that the value of a property is an expression, the value should be a string starting with equal = sign. If the equal sign is not present the value will be interpreted as a string literal.

This expression:

='Hi Mr.' + Fields.LastName + ', ' + Fields.FirstName + '!'

when evaluated will result in:

Hi Mr. Smith, John!

If you want part of the expression to be put on another line you have to insert a new line character in a string literal. For example here is how the expresion should look in the Expression Editor:

='Hi Mr.' + Fields.LastName + ', ' + Fields.FirstName + '!

How are you today?'

The result would be:

Hi Mr. Smith, John!

How are you today?

On the design surface expressions are usually displayed surrounded by square brackets []. For example, the expression =Fields.PersonID when used in TextBox.Value property would appear as [=Fields.PersonID].

The following objects and properties support expressions as property values:

Object Property
Barcode Value
CheckBox Value
PictureBox Value
Report DocumentName
ReportBook DocumentName
ReportParameter Value
TextBox Value
ReportItemBase (all items) BookmarkID
Group BookmarkID
TableGroup BookmarkID
CalculateField Expression
Filter ExpressionValue
Sorting Expression
Grouping Expression
ReportParameter Value
ReportParameter.AvailableValues ValueMember
Parameter Valuе
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