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Utility Functions

Access built-in utility functions

Function Parameters Description
Array(args) args (object []) Returns an array of the passed object instances.
For example: =Array("item1","item2") will return object [] {"item1", "item2"}
Item(index, collection) index (int)
collection (IEnumerable)
Returns the element of the collection with the given index (zero based).
For example: =Item(0, Array(10,20,30)) will return 10
HtmlEncode(value) value (string) HTML-encodes a string and returns the encoded string.
For example: =HtmlEncode("&Telerik") will return &Telerik
HtmlDecode(value) value (string) Converts a string that has been HTML-encoded into a decoded string.
For example: =HtmlDecode("&Telerik") will return &Telerik
Uri(uriString, uriKind) uriString (string)
uriKind (string) optional, the default is RelativeOrAbsolute
Returns an instance of System.Uri
For example: =Uri("c:\temp\myFile.json", "absolute") will return new Uri("c:\temp\myFile.json", System.UriKind.Absolute)
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