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Constants Overview

Built-in constants

False , True , null.

Literal text

In an expression, literal text is text that is enclosed in single or double quotation marks.


="Product name: " + Fields.ProductName


='Product name: ' + Fields.ProductName

Because quotation marks are special characters inside the literal text, you need to double the quotation mark to escape it. Other option is to use the other quotation marks as literal delimiters (then our quotation mark will not be a special symbol). The following table shows some examples of quotation mark combinations in an expression and their result:

Expression Result
'It''s my birthday' It's my birthday
"It""s my birthday" It"s my birthday
'It"s my birthday' It"s my birthday
"It's my birthday" It's my birthday

Some report item properties allow the usage of Embedded Expressions , which provide easy concatenation of string literals with expression terms.

Numeric constants

They are resolved to:

  • Integer if decimal point is not used - for example 1, 256, 65000
  • Decimal if decimal point is used - for example 1.0, 25.6


= Fields.LineTotal < 100

Date-time constants

Date values should be enclosed within pound signs #.


=Fields.Birthdate < #1/31/82#

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