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The storage settings view allows you to specify where the reports and their metadata will be stored on the server. By default the application is using a File storage with relative to the web application path: "~/Data"

Storage Types

Microsoft SQL Server (MsSqlServer)

This storage type uses the Microsoft SQL Server database and can also be used when the Report Server is deployed on a web farm.
To use this storage you should specify a connection string to the desired database.

When saving the configuration settings, the tables and the stored procedures that are needed will be created automatically. However, the database should be created in advance and the user under which the web application is running should have the necessary permissions to modify the database schema.


This storage type uses the Redis key-value cache and store. The Redis storage is configured through a configuration string.


Тhe file storage uses the file system of the operating system in order to store the reports and other data. To configure this storage specify the location of the storage by using the BasePath parameter. It can be also a relative path to the report server's web application. For example: "~/Data/ReportServer".

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