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Report Server for .NET Introduction

The Telerik Report Server for .NET was introduced in the 2024 Q2( release and will, in the future, replace the older Report Server application.

The current state of the Report Server is in Preview and will soon be made the officially (and only) supported version of the Telerik Report Server product.

Report Server Manager

The Report Server Manager is an ASP.NET Core Application that allows Report Server users to log in and use its functionality through a user-friendly interface which is built with Kendo UI 2024 Q1 (version 2024.1.130). The Web UI provides a dedicated view for each functionality of the server.

The reports view of the Report Server for .NET



  • ASP.NET Core Module (ANCM) - The ASP.NET Core Module (ANCM) is installed with the .NET Core Runtime from the .NET Core Hosting Bundle.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS 7+) - Required when for the automatic setup of the Report Server for .NET on Windows machines through the MSI file.

The Telerik Report Server for .NET can be hosted on Windows and Unix systems, such as Linux, however, the automatic installer is currently available only on Windows.


  • HTML5-compliant browser with support for JavaScript 1.8.5 (ECMAScript5) and CSS3.

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