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Implement allowCopy in TreeList


Product Version 2017.3 1026
Product Progress® Kendo UI® TreeList for jQuery


Unlike the Grid, the TreeList API does not provide the allowCopy option. Depending on the specific data, my project uses both widgets. The lack of the setting confuses the users—in some places they can copy the data while in other places they cannot copy the data even though the controls look the similar.

How can I enable the copying of the selected items in a TreeList?


This functionality is not part of the built-in TreeList settings but is already submitted as a feature request in the UserVoice forum. Popular requests get prioritized on the team's roadmap. To upvote the feature request, refer to

Suggested Workarounds

To focus the table, add an event handler to the change event of the TreeList and to the Ctrl+C key combination. You can further elaborate on the example with the help of the non-minified kendo.grid.js file and the getTSV internal function.

<div id="treeList"></div>
     var treeList = $("#treeList").kendoTreeList({
        columns: [
          { field: "name" },
          { field: "age" }
        selectable: "multiple,row",
        dataSource: [
          { id: 1, parentId: null, name: "Jane Doe", age: 22 },
          { id: 2, parentId: 1, name: "John Doe", age: 24 },
          { id: 3, parentId: 1, name: "Jenny Doe", age: 3 }
          var treeList = this;

       $("#treeList").on("keydown","table.k-selectable", function(event){
            if (event.ctrlKey === true && event.key==="c") {
              var selected =;
              var result = [];
              var delimiter = "\t";
              var result = [];
              var text = "";
                var cells = $(row).children("td");
                text += result.join(delimiter) + "\r\n";
                result = [];

              var textarea = $("<textarea>");
              var offset = $(this).offset();
              // Position the textarea on top of the Treelist and make it transparent.
                position: 'absolute',
                left: offset.left,
                border: 'none',
                width: $(this).find("table").width(),
                height: $(this).find(".k-grid-content").height()


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