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An SSL Issue Occurs on Windows When Installing with Bower


Product Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery Bower Installation
Operating System Windows 10 64bit


Bower on Windows has troubles installing the repository.

Error Message

fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.


The underlying Git installation is missing the certificate bundle.


To fix the issue, follow the steps in this article.

  • The 1.9.5 Git build does not work with the Bower package.
  • To use the @ symbol in the URL for accessing the Kendo UI Bower repository (because of network restrictions or admin rules, for example), encode it as

Restore fails in ASP.NET Core MVC RC projects in Visual Studio 2015

Description A Git client that is bundled in Visual Studio is unable to authenticate with the Kendo UI Bower repository and throws an error messages similar to ECMDERR Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads", exit code of #-532462766.

Solution Use a Windows port of Git and your stored credentials instead of the built-in client:

  1. Store your credentials.
  2. Install Git for Windows.
  3. Right-click the Bower folder under Dependencies.
  4. Select Configure external tools.
  5. Uncheck $(DevEnvDir)\Extensions\Microsoft\Web Tools\External\git and/or $(VSINSTALLDIR)\Web\External\git.
  6. Add a new entry C:\Program Files\Git\bin or your installation location.

Figure 1: Adding a new entry

Kendo UI for jQuery Adding New Entry

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