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Expand Grids to Match the Height of TabStrip Containers within Splitter Panes


Product Progress® Kendo UI® Grid for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Preferred Language JavaScript


Your project might require you to expand the height of the Grid to match the height of its TabStrip container within a Splitter pane.


To achieve this behavior:

  • Make sure that the layout of the Splitter corresponds to the requirements of your project. If the Splitter has to expand to 100% in height, resize it.
  • Expand the height of the TabStrip containers by using the approach in the how-to example, which relies on the window.resize event. In this case, however, the resize event has to be of the closest Splitter instance.
  • Assuming that its <div> is 100% high and automatically expands vertically, call the resize() method of the Grid. For more information on how to set the Grid to 100% height and auto-resize it, refer to this this article.

The resize method of the Splitter measures the height of the Grid's <div> element. It does not adjust the height of the scrollable data area because after the Splitter fires its resize event, you have to adjust the layout of the TabStrip. Only after that can you call the resize method of the Grid.

The following example demonstrates how to expand a Grid that is located in a TabStrip container within a Splitter pane.

          #tabstrip {
              margin: 0;
              padding: 0;
              border-width: 0;
              height: 100%; /* DO NOT USE !important for setting the Grid height! */

            font: 14px sans-serif;
            overflow: hidden;

        <div id="splitter">
        <div id="left-pane">left pane</div>
        <div id="right-pane">
        <div id="tabstrip">
             <li class="k-active">Item 1</li>
             <li>Item 2</li>
         <div style="padding:0;overflow:hidden">
           <div id="grid"></div>
           Content 2


        function expandContentDivs(divs) {
        var visibleDiv = divs.filter(":visible");

        var verticalSpace = tabStripElement.innerHeight()
                   - tabStripElement.children(".k-tabstrip-items").outerHeight()
                   - parseFloat(visibleDiv.css("padding-top"))
                   - parseFloat(visibleDiv.css("padding-bottom"))
                   - parseFloat(visibleDiv.css("border-top-width"))
                   - parseFloat(visibleDiv.css("border-bottom-width"))
                   - parseFloat(visibleDiv.css("margin-bottom"));

        // all of the above padding/margin/border calculations can be replaced by a single hard-coded number for improved performance

        function resizeTabsAndGrid() {
        if (tabStripElement) {

        var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");
        if (grid &&":visible")) {

        //resize: resizeTabAndGrid, // the nested widgets are not initialized yet, will attach the handler later
          panes: [
               { size: 100 },
               { scrollable: false }

          dataSource: {
             type: "odata",
             transport: {
               read: ""
             schema: {
               model: {
                 fields: {
                   OrderID: { type: "number" },
                   ShipName: { type: "string" },
                   ShipCity: { type: "string" }
                 pageSize: 25,
                 serverPaging: true,
                 serverFiltering: true,
                 serverSorting: true
                filterable: true,
                sortable: true,
                resizable: true,
                pageable: true,
                columns: [{
                   filterable: false,
                   width: 200

        var tabStripElement = $("#tabstrip").kendoTabStrip({
            activate: resizeTabsAndGrid,
            animation: {
             open: {
               effects: "fade"

        tabStripElement.parent().attr("id", "tabstrip-parent");

        var tabStrip ="kendoTabStrip");

        var splitter = $("#splitter").data("kendoSplitter");
        splitter.bind("resize", resizeTabsAndGrid);


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