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Configure Text Binding

The example below demonstrates how to configure text binding for the Hybrid UI Button in Kendo UI.

<div data-role="view" id="view" data-model="viewModel">
  <a data-role="button" data-bind="buttonText: value">Button</a>
   kendo.data.binders.widget.buttonText = kendo.data.Binder.extend({
    init: function(widget, bindings, options) {
      //call the base constructor
      kendo.data.Binder.fn.init.call(this, widget.element[0], bindings, options);
    refresh: function() {
      var that = this,
          value = that.bindings["buttonText"].get(); //get the value from the View-Model
  var app = new kendo.mobile.Application(document.body);

  var viewModel = kendo.observable({
    value: "CustomValue"

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