MultiColumnComboBox Overview

The MultiColumnComboBox visualizes huge sets of data in a grid-like table.

Besides the core virtualization, templates, cascading, and data-binding functionality that the standard Kendo UI ComboBox provides, the MultiColumnComboBox enables you to define columns that will be rendered in the drop-down and specify against which fields from the data source the filter will apply.

Initializing the MultiColumnComboBox

To initialize the MultiColumnComboBox, use any of the following approaches:

  • Use the <option> tag of an existing <select> element with defined data items.
  • Bind the widget to a local data array and use the <input> element.
  • Bind the widget to a remote data service and use the <input> element.
  • Verify that you create the MultiColumnComboBox within a $(document).ready() statement because the widget has to be initialized after the DOM fully loads.
  • The widget copies any styles and CSS classes from the input element to the wrapper element and visible input.

Functionality and Features

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