DateInput Overview

The Kendo UI DateInput widget allows users to enter date and time through direct input.

The DateInput provides separate sections for days, months, years, hours, and minutes. DateInput also supports customizing the date and time formats.

Getting Started

Initialize the DateInput

To initialize the DateInput, use the following example.

    <input id="dateInput" />



The DateInput provides configuration options that can be set during initialization. The available properties are:

  • Selected date
  • Format definition
  • Enabled and read-only state

Selected date, Format

The following example demonstrates how to create a non-editable DateInput with a selected date. The date is displayed in a predefined format.

    <input id="dateInput" />

          value: new Date(),
          format: "dd/MM/yyyy",
          readonly: true


The input in each section of the component is always valid for the relevant section. For example, you cannot enter 23 in the month section. As a result, the value in DateInput is always a valid date.

Integration with Other Editor Widgets

You can integrate the DateInput with:

  • DatePickers
  • DateTimePickers
  • TimePickers

The following example demonstrates how to integrate the DateInput with the DatePicker by enabling the dateInput property of the DatePicker.

    <input id="datepicker" />

        dateInput: true


The DateInput enables you to modify the text that is displayed in the placeholders based on your requirements.

    <input id="dateinput" />

        format: "dd / MMMM / yyyy",

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