Bind to Data Source

The Spreadsheet widget supports binding individual sheets to a Data Source instance.

This allows you to quickly bring data from external data sources into the Spreadsheet and, optionally, edit it. Data Source binding switches the sheet to a special data-bound mode. It differs from the standard behavior in the following ways:

  • Column headers are inferred from the data item fields. Configure the column headers and ordering by using the sheet setDataSource method.
  • Cell styles, formulas, and formats are not persisted in the data source.
  • Row height and column width are not persisted in the data source.
  • Sorting and filtering are applied locally.

CRUD operations are also handled in a specific way:

  • Inserted rows are always appended at the end, regardless of the actual row index.
  • Updating cell content translates into update operations.
  • Deleting rows translates into destroy operations.
  • Inserting and removing columns is not supported.

For a functional example, refer to the demo on Spreadsheet/DataSource binding.

Known Issues

  • Records cannot be edited after sorting the sheet.
  • The data of the DataSource to which the Spreadsheet will be bound has to contain data items. Binding the widget to a DataSource with empty data leads to undesired side effects.

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