DataBiding Overview

The FileManager provides different data-binding options.

The Component uses an extended HierarchicalDataSource - FileManagerDataSource and an extended Node - FileEntry.

The FileManager uses the following built-in filemanager schema:

model: {
    id: "path",
    hasChildren: "hasDirectories",
    fields: {
        name: {editable: true, type: "String", defaultValue: "New Folder" },
        size: {editable: false, type: "Number"},
        path: {editable: false, type: "String"},
        extension: {editable: false, type: "String"},
        isDirectory: {editable: false, defaultValue: true, type: "Boolean"},
        hasDirectories: {editable: false, defaultValue: false, type: "Boolean"},
        created: { from: "created", type: "Date", editable: false},
        createdUtc: { from: "createdUtc", type: "Date", editable: false },
        modified: { from: "modified", type: "Date", editable: false},
        modifiedUtc: { from: "modifiedUtc", type: "Date", editable: false }

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