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By default, the Kendo UI for jQuery Sankey Diagram rearranges the nodes and their corresponding links for better visual appearance and readability.

If you want to display the nodes and links in a specific order, you can disable this feature by setting the disableAutoLayout property to true. In this case, the order of the nodes and links will be determined based on their order in the data that is passed to the data property.

The following example demonstrates how to disable the automatic layout feature by toggling the value of the disableAutoLayout property.

    <div id="sankey" style="width: 500px; height: 200px;"></div>
            data: {
                nodes: [
                    { id: 1, label: { text: "Node 1" } },
                    { id: 2, label: { text: "Node 2" } },
                    { id: 3, label: { text: "Node 3" } }
                links: [
                    { sourceId: 1, targetId: 3, value: 2 },
                    { sourceId: 2, targetId: 3, value: 1 }
            disableAutoLayout: true

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