Show Total for Stacked Series

Starting with the 2016 R3 release, a stackValue field is available in the label template, the series visual, and the event arguments.

It is possible to use this configuration to display the cumulative point value for stacked series, as demonstrated in the example below.

    <div id="chart"></div>
              a: 22,
              b: 11,
              c: 33
              a: 2,
              b: 1,
              c: 3
          seriesDefaults: {
            type: "column",
            stack: true
          series: [{
            field: "a",
            name: "a"
            field: "b",
            name: "b"
            field: "c",
            name: "c",
            labels: {
                template: "#= stackValue #",
                visible: true

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