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Sort Categories in Grouped Charts

The order of the categories in a grouped chart cannot be set through the sort option of the data source.

The reason for this behavior is that the grouping overrides the sort order as part of its implementation. In effect, the sort order is respected only within the resulting groups. Still, you can influence the final order of the categories during the dataBound event.

The example below demonstrates how to sort categories in a grouped Kendo UI Chart.

    <div id="chart"></div>
      var data = [{
        daysOut: 1,
        type: "A",
        requestor: "Adam"
        daysOut: 2,
        type: "A",
        requestor: "Bonnie"
        daysOut: 1,
        type: "A",
        requestor: "Connor"
        daysOut: 1,
        type: "B",
        requestor: "Zach"
        daysOut: 1,
        type: "B",
        requestor: "Amber"

        "dataSource": {
          data: data,
          group: {
            field: "type"
        series: [{
          field: "daysOut",
          type: "bar",
          categoryField: "requestor",

          // Grouping will generate two series - "A" and "B" in each category
          // Since we only have data for one of them we use stacking to remove the empty space
          stack: true
        dataBound: function(e) {
          var axis = e.sender.options.categoryAxis;
          axis.categories = axis.categories.sort();

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