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Explode Clicked Pie Chart Segment

To improve the visualization of the data illustrated in a Kendo UI Pie Chart, you might need to explode a segment that was clicked by the user.

The example below demonstrates how to achieve this behavior.

    <div id="chart"></div>
      var data = [{
        "source": "Hydro",
        "percentage": 22,
        "explode": true
      },                  {
        "source": "Solar",
        "percentage": 2
      },                  {
        "source": "Nuclear",
        "percentage": 49
      },                  {
        "source": "Wind",
        "percentage": 27

        dataSource: {
          transport: {
            read: function(e) {
        series: [{
          type: "pie",
          field: "percentage",
          categoryField: "source",
          explodeField: "explode",
          labels: {
            visible: true,
            background: "transparent",
            template: "#= category #: \n #= value#%"
        seriesClick: function(e){
          $.each(e.sender.dataSource.view(), function() {
            // Clean up exploded state
            this.explode = false;

          // Disable animations
          e.sender.options.transitions = false;

          // Explode the current slice
          e.dataItem.explode = true;

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