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transport.cache Boolean (default: false)

Specifies if the transport caches the result from read requests. The query parameters are used as a cache key and if the key is present in the cache, a new request to the server is not executed. The cache is kept in memory and thus cleared on page refresh.

Example - specify the remote service configuration

var dataSource = new kendo.data.DataSource({
  type: "odata",
  transport: {
    read: "https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/service/Northwind.svc/Orders",
    cache: true
  schema: {
    model: {
      fields: {
        OrderID: { type: "number" },
        Freight: { type: "number" },
        ShipName: { type: "string" },
        OrderDate: { type: "date" },
        ShipCity: { type: "string" }
  pageSize: 20,
  serverPaging: true,
  serverFiltering: true,
  serverSorting: true
dataSource.fetch(function() {
  dataSource.page(1); //a new request is not executed
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