Configure Columns

Rearrange Columns

  • To reorder the columns, drag a column header to the left or the right.

    Reorder Columns

  • To resize a column, drag the edge of a column header.

    Resize Columns

Add Custom Columns

Use on of these methods:

  • Use the Customize Columns menu.

    1. Right-click the top of a column and select Customize Columns....

    Column Header Context Menu

    1. Click the Collection drop-down menu and select the collection that will populate the column.

    Customize Columns Window

    1. Enter the name of the collection member that will populate the column and the title of the column.
  • Use QuickExec to add a temporary column

    Type this command in the QuickExec box:

      cols add [Title] FlagName 

    QuickExec Command

    Columns added using QuickExec will be removed the next time Fiddler Classic starts. For more QuickExec column commands, see the QuickExec Reference.

  • Customize rules with FiddlerScript

  • Call the AddBoundColumn method from an IFiddlerExtension

    Call the AddBoundColumn method from an [IFiddlerExtension], passing a getColumnStringDelegate as the third parameter.

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