Modify Matching Rules

Edit Rule

  1. Select a rule from the Autoresponder ruleset.

    Select Rule

  2. At the bottom of the Autoresponder tab, under the Rule Editor:

    1. Type a match rule in the top field.

    2. Type an action string in the bottom field.

    Rule Editor

Select Active Rules

  • To enable or disable a rule, click the checkbox next to the rule.

    Enable or Disable Rule

Set rule priority

To change the priority of a rule in the ruleset:

  1. Select a rule from the Autoresponder rulset.

    Select Rule

  2. Move the rule up or down in the ruleset:

    • Click and drag the rule to the correct location in the ruleset.

    • Press + to move the rule up in the list or press - to move the rule down in the list.

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