Support Options

Fiddler Jam provides a full-scale support for its paid subscription and trial users, and also maintains additional support channels where you can ask questions, submit feature requests, report bugs, and more.

Fiddler license holders and anyone in an active trial can take advantage of the Fiddler Jam outstanding customer support delivered by the actual developers who built the tool. To submit a support ticket, use the Fiddler support system.

The subscription plan includes unlimited access to the Fiddler's dedicated support services. However, to keep providing an industry-leading support experience, we have instituted a fair usage policy for support services. Practically, this means that if customer activity exceeds at least ten times the average, it may be reviewed by a Fiddler support manager at any time to assess whether the number of support requests is excessive and the user is in violation of the fair usage policy.

Support for paid subscription or trial users provides the following services:

  • Guidance on handling existing features—You will receive references to existing resources, which demonstrate the intended use of the product, and also information on the proper configuration of the product.

  • Confirmation of bug reports—You can count on our support for diagnosing and confirming reported product bugs. However, during the report investigation we may ask you to isolate the issue and provide additional information or steps to reproduce it.

  • Sharing available workarounds—If available, you will get suggested workarounds for confirmed product bugs or for performing scenarios that are not implemented as built-in functionalities. You will also receive information on releases containing a bug fix or an implemented feature request.

Free Support Channels

If you are not a license holder or a trial user, you can use a number of available support options:

  • The official Fiddler Jam documentation is public and available for all users. If you want to share your feedback on a specific article, fill in the Was this article helpful? form at the end and tell us more about whether the content was useful for you to successfully achieve what you wanted. For detailed information about how to create an issue or a Pull Request on the Fiddler Jam documentation, go to the contribution instructions.

  • For any features that have already been released, visit the Fiddler Jam Release History page.

  • If you still have a question unanswered, check out the Fiddler Jam frequently asked questions section.

  • Need something unique that is tailor-made for your project? Progress offers its Progress Services group that can work with you to create any customized solution that you might need.