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Fiddler Jam is a troubleshooting solution for support and development teams designed to help them troubleshoot issues quickly, easily, and securely. How does it work? Customers share network logs via a Chrome extension instead of manually attaching them to an email or a support ticket. The support team analyzes the logs for troubleshooting in a safe cloud space. Developers debug further by inspecting the logs in the Fiddler Jam portal or with the help of the Fiddler Everywhere application.

HTTP(S) Traffic Inspection & Analysis

The Fiddler Jam Chrome extension logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your Chrome browser and the Internet.

Video and Screenshots on User Interactions

The extended log information can include a video recording of the expected browser page and screenshots for each user interaction with the page (clicks) during the HTTP(S) traffic recording. Empower your recording with visual information related to specific reproduction workflows.

Record Developer Logs

Record the developer's console logs for additional debug information and investigate complex issues on the fly.

Cloud Space Submissions

Recorded logs can be quickly submitted to the Fiddler Jam portal, where they can be saved, organized, analyzed, and shared with other collaborators. The Fiddler Jam cloud portal provides means to control accessibility by providing access rights.

Fiddler Everywhere Integration

Submitted logs are compatible with Fiddler Everywhere for in-depth investigation.

Protecting the Sensitive Data

The Fiddler Jam capturing comes with a powerful, default masking feature for masking of sensitive information.

Chrome Extension Getting Started

Enable and configure the Fiddler Jam extension by following the installation steps.

If you are familiar with how a Chrome extension works, you could skip the above tutorial and directly install the Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Fiddler Jam Portal

The Fiddler Jam portal is a cloud space that allows you to safely store, organize and analyze submitted logs coming from your customers. Some of the portal's key features include:

  • User roles with different access rights.

  • Safe online storage.

  • One-click integration with Fiddler Everywhere.


Official Fiddler Jam documentation

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Licensing agreement and detailed information about the different licenses you should acquire are available in the Licensing section.

Welcome to Fiddler Jam

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