Fiddler Jam Portal Users and Roles

The number of users who access the Fiddler Jam Portal depends on the active subscription plan. The person who purchased that plan, the Account Owner, assigns different levels of access rights to different users depending on the role they fulfil.

Account Owner

The account owner is the user who manages the Fiddler Jam license from the unified Telerik system. From the Telerik's "Your Licenses" section, the account owner can manage the subscription seats, payment, and the assigning of the user seats.

Each subscription plan, supports unlimited number of users. Learn more about the subscription plan perks...

Extension Users

Fiddler Jam refers to the end users, who have recorded and submitted logs through the Fiddler Jam Chrome Extension, as "extension users".

All extension users can capture and record logs, and generate Fiddler Jam Portal links where the logs will be stored.

  • Extension users are not limited on the number of recorded logs.

  • Extension users are not limited on the number of generated links to recorded logs.

  • A recorded log with a generated link will be stored in the Fiddler Jam Portal for 31 days. After that period, the log is automatically deleted.

  • A recorded log with a generated link that is added to a workspace by a Portal User will be stored in the Fiddler Jam Portal until a Portal user explicitly removes it.

Portal Users

Even though the Fiddler Jam login accepts custom credentials or Google authentication, the Portal is accessible for users with usernames or emails, which are part of an active subscription only. These users are referred to as "Portal users".

The Fiddler Jam portal provides different access levels:

  • Unregistered users won't be able to open the Fiddler Jam Portal or load generated Fiddler Jam links.

  • Fiddler Jam Portal seats can open public logs, create and manage workspaces, and manage, add, and remove logs from workspaces.

Depending on the active Fiddler Jam subscription plan, the Account Owner assigns a different number of seats with access to the company portals.

A portal user can view and maintain submitted logs and workspace logs based on the Fiddler Jam account quota. The portal users have full access to the Fiddler Jam portal functionalities.

The portal user seat comes with the following advantages:

  • A portal user can access all logs that are added to the account workspace. Password-protected logs can only be accessed from users who know the password.

  • A portal user can access logs that are not added to a workspace.

  • A portal user can edit and remove logs that are added to the workspace.

  • A portal user can add shared logs to a workspace. Logs added to a workspace will be accessible to all portal users.

  • Logs shared with specific people (based on the registered email) can be accessed from all portal users with access to the workspace.