Map Remote URL

Developers often need to test partial changes to a site from testing (staging) environments to production and vice versa. Deploying small changes can be a burden, especially if you have a complex infrastructure and the build time takes longer.

With a proxy tool in the middle, you can map local and remote resources, which enables you to quickly and efficiently test (mock) changes on the fly.

With Fiddler Everywhere, you can easily create a rule that redirects or maps traffic to and from remote hosts while enabling you to mock HTTP responses so that they are transparently served to client applications.

Creating a "Map Remote (URLs)" Rule

Create a "Map Remote (URLs)" rule by setting the following actions through the Rules Builder.

  1. Create a matching condition that uses the "When all these conditions are met any number of times" pattern.

  2. Match by a URL that uses a string value to match the desired URL. For example:, localhost, or a more specific path.

  3. Create an Update URL action and set the desired new target URL. For example:,localhost, or another more specific path.

This sample Fiddler rule matches all sessions where the host is and redirects (maps) to

Creating "Map Remote (URLs)" rule

Once the rule is created, enable the Rules tab, toggle the rule switch, and start capturing traffic.

Activating the "Map Remote (URLs)" rule

Download a ready-to-use "Map Remote (URLs)" rule as a FARX file, which you can import through the Rules toolbar.

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