Blocking Traffic to Specific Hosts

With Fiddler Everywhere, you can create a rule that automatically blocks traffic to any matched host by forcibly closing the ongoing HTTP connection.

Creating a "Block Traffic to Specific Hosts" Rule

Create a "Block Traffic to Specific Hosts" rule by setting the following actions through the Rules Builder.

  1. Create a matching condition that uses the "When all these conditions are met any number of times" pattern.

  2. Match by a URL where the string value defines the targeted hosts. For example: a regular expression that matches hosts like and

  3. Create a Close Non Gracefully action.

This sample Fiddler rule matches all sessions where the host is or and closes the connection.

Creating "Block Traffic to Specific Hosts" rule

The blocking actions are not final and can be combined with other actions. Learn more about final and non-final actions here.

Once the rule is created, enable the Rules tab, toggle the rule switch, and start capturing traffic.

Activating the "Block Traffic to Specific Hosts" rule

Download a ready-to-use "Block Traffic to Specific Hosts" rule as a FARX file, which you can import through the Rules toolbar.

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