Redirecting Traffic between Servers through the Rules Tab


Product Fiddler Everywhere
Product Version 1.0.0 and above


How can I use the Rules tab for redirecting traffic from one server to another?


To accomplish this scenario, we can use a basic redirect or a rule, which utilizes regex and regex variables.

Using a Basic Redirect

To redirect traffic from one server to another, implement a basic redirect rule.

Action: http://localhost:4000/fiddler-everywhere/introduction

Redirecting with Regex

To create more complex redirect rules, use the Fiddler Everywhere regex support for creating Match rules and Actions.

Match: regex:(.*)*)
Action: http://localhost:4000/$2

In the previous example, two regex variables are automatically created. The second one will have as its value everything that comes after the last slash (/).

As a result, after applying the above rule, the following example endpoint

will be redirected to